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Acquifer WorkStation03
LSFM- Acquifer station (ZEN2)
Confocal LSM 510 META
Leica- DMI8
Cell Observer
ZEN / AxioVision (FREE)
Fluorescent Binocular
InCell Analyzer 2000
InCell Investigator
Confocal LSM 710
Light Sheet Fluorescent Microscope Z1
LSFM- Analysis computer (ZEN1)
Leica - DMIRE (Manual)
Acquifer WorkStation01
Acquifer WorkStation02
Confocal LSM 700
Image Stream
FACS analysis
Sorter-FACSAria IIIu
Analyzer - FACS Calibur
Analyzer - LSR II
qRT-PCR - ABi 7300 (2)
qRT-PCR - ABi 7300 (1)
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