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Microscopy & Imaging

The Microscopy Unit contains  2 inverted fluorescent light microscope, 3 confocal microscopes, a fluorescent binocular, High Content imaging system and Light Sheet microscopes. In addition there are working stations which contain image analysis software, including Deconvolution software, time-lapse, 3-D reconstruction and more.


All users will receive full training on a specific instrument prior to being permitted to work independently. 


Workshops and hands-on sessions are organized to provide researchers with training in fluorescent and confocal microscopy as well as a forum for open discussions relating to new technologies, sharing of ideas and personal experiences with the various systems.


The unit contains the following micoscopes:

NEW - Light Sheet Fluorescent Microscope - Zeiss Z1

Light Sheet fluorescent microscope, with fual sided illumination, 2 cameras and full incubation. An analysis compter is availble for the Light Sheet analysis 


Confocal microscopes:

Fluorescent microscopes:

  • Inverted Cell Observer - Zeiss Axiovert 200 inverted fluorescent microscope equipped with environmental chamber (temperature, CO2, humidity) for long-period time lapse applications
  • Inverted Leica DMI8 - inverted fluorescent microscope

Fluorescent Binocular:


High Content Analysis system:

  • GE InCell Analyzer 2000 - a High content acquisition and analysis system, equipped with enviromental chamber (CO2  and temperature). In addition, high content analysis software is availble - InCell Investigator 1,2,3, Cell Spotfier, InCell translator and Miner server.


All users must download user statement and unit policy and sign it before starting to work (go to Ordering, User Statement and Unit Policy).







Image analysis software

Microscopy Links

Image Gallery


Introduction to microscopy applications and image analysis - LSE seminar series
Click to Download Introduction to microscopy applications and image analysis (1.4 Mb)
Click to Download HCA and Imaris for image analysis (2.7 Mb)
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