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Histology Unit


The histology section of the LSE Infrastructure Unit houses all the equipment necessary for the preparation of paraffin embedded specimens and the sectioning of paraffin, frozen and plastic embedded samples. The equipment consists of:

·         2  Cryostats

-          Reichert-Jung 2800 Frigocut-N Cryostat

-          Leica CM3050 S Cryostat)

·         Tissue-Tek - Paraffin Tissue Embedding Dispensing System

·         Tuttnauer incubator (600C)

·         Tuttnauer 400C water bath

·         Reichert Jung Autocut Microtome

·         C.S.&E. slide warmer

·         LKB 880 Ultrotome III Ultramicrotome



Reichert Jung Microtom

Leica Cryostat CM3050S

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