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Technion Genome Center

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Since 2009, the Technion Genome Center (TGC) has poised itself at the forefront of sequencing technology. The TGC is continuously upgrading its state-of-the-art technology as it becomes available. Located in the Technion’s new Emerson Life Sciences Building in the Main Campus, TGC’s team is at your service with large personnel of dedicated bioinformaticians and molecular biology specialists. Our team has a proven record of working together with researchers to design the experiment, prepare the sequencing libraries for your samples, and following the sequencing to provide an initial analysis to kick-start your discovery.

Listed below are the main applications we provide today (sequencing and initial bioinformatics analysis):







In addition, we also sequences samples for de-novo assembly (up to 250bpX2), small RNA and methylation assays.




Useful downloads:

Your guide to sequencing at the Technion Genome Center  


An introduction to high-throughput sequencing experiments: design and bioinformatics analysis - book chapter by Rachelly Normand and Itai Yanai


Advaced application of NGS at TGC and TGC Bioinformatics, LSE seminar series, Tal-Katz-Ezov and Karen Chait


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